Privacy Policy


[Management of Personal Information]
Tricor KK has a policy to strictly manage personal information of clients and client information in confidence. In order to gain an agreement on the terms of use, the purpose of use is clearly informed in advance. Please find the company policies on the handling of personal information below
1.Personal Information Protection Manager:
Naoto Kira (contact details are located below 3. Personal Information Contact Center)
2.Scope of Use:

ContentsPurpose of Use
Business Process Outsourcing:

2)Labor Law and HR Management
4)General Affairs
In order to perform the following work entrusted by our clients:

1)Bookkeeping, financial statement report, general accounting work
2)HR, payroll and labor law related work
3)Administrative processing tasks
4)General affairs, corporate secretarial support, coordination of company registration service, translation for visa application
5)Client projects handling client employee information
Employee Recruitment
(personal information subject to disclosure)
Plan and execute job fairs and recruiting campaigns
Disseminate the company information and job description for openings
Compile applied candidate information and manage the screening process
Notify the results to candidates
Information Management for Retired Employees
(personal information subject to disclosure)
Implement programs/tasks in compliance with the labor/ tax laws
Make contacts with retired employees regarding administrative matters and other urgent issues
Deal with requests from retired employees
Personal Information Management for Employees
(personal information subject to disclosure)
HR and payroll management
Implement social and labor insurance management
Internal employee services and employee welfare and benefit programs
Labor safety, sanitation, and healthcare management
Make contact with personnel on urgent business or in the event of natural disasters
To conduct operations management, asset management and system management
Carry out other activities supporting the client management carrying out services listed above
Client’s Personal Information Management
(personal information subject to disclosure)
For the purpose of contacting clients regarding business- and contract-related matters (to be used only to the extent that the purpose of use is clearly specified)


3.Personal Information Contact Center:
If you have any opinion, inquiry or grievance on the company’s handling of personal information, please contact our personal information contact center below.
4.Requests Regarding Our Personal Information Handling:
We shall respond to requests from the individual to disclose, etc., (correction, addition, or deletion; termination of use or complete deletion; termination of provision to third parties) the personal information handled by Tricor KK.


■■Personal Information Contact Center■■
Tricor KK
〒106-0047 2F Oak Minami-Azabu, 3-19-23 Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Contact: Personal Information Protection Consultation Service Office
Address: Roppongi First Building, 1-9-9 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0032, Japan
Tel: 03-5860-7565 / 0120-700-7795.

How to Send Requests for Disclosure, Correction or Deletion of the Provided Personal Information:

Please send a request form and other required documents listed below (①~④).
We may not be able to respond to your request, if the information is not fully provided or any of the documents are missing.

■■Required Documents■■

Click here to “Request form for personal information disclosure (and other)“(please fill-out all blanks in the request form)
Any document that can identify you (driver’s license, government health insurance certificate, pension book, resident card, passport, certificate of foreign resident, registration card or a copy of public ID certificate)
Power of attorney, if your legal representative is making a request
A handling fee in the form of a ‘fixed amount postal note bond’ for the amount of JPY1,000 if a disclosure request is for the retained information and / or the notice of purpose of use.


6.How the Company Will Respond to Your Request:
The company will send you an answer with a “reply form to personal information disclosure (and other) request” via postal mail, or we will follow a method previously agreed upon with the requester.7.Exceptions
If the request is against the law, or generally accepted practice, we may decline the request to disclose, correct or delete the provided information. In such case, we will contact you to explain the decision and a reason for it.