Notice of Collection and Use of Personal Information
Tricor K.K.
Personal Information Protection Manager, Naoto Kira
This is to notify the purpose regarding the use and collection of your personal information. Please consent to the notice and proceed to Enquiry Form.
1. Acquisition, store and use of personal information.
Our company shall use the personal information received only for the purpose of contract drafting.
2. Protection of personal information
Our company shall take the necessary and proper measures to prevent of any leak, loss or damage of personal information.
3. Provision of personal information to a third party
Your personal information will not be disclosed to a third party, unless required by law.
4. Entrustment of personal information
Our company shall not expect to entrust personal information to another company.
5. Personal rights and personal information
We will adhere to all requests regarding the communication on the purpose of use, disclosure, correction of content, addition or deletion, cessation of use, deletion of personal information, and prevention of disclosure to a third party.
6. Voluntary requirements pertaining to personal information
The provision of personal information is voluntary. Please ensure to fill in all fields provided above. In such case that the fields are incomplete or incorrect, we may not receive the query and/or will be unable to respond in a timely manner.
7. Return and/or disposal of personal information
Our company does not use cookies or other involuntary methods to collect personal information.
8. Contact for Inquiry
Should you like to request the notice regarding the purpose of use, disclosure, correction of content, and cessation of use of your personal information or for any other queries, please contact us as below.
Tricor K.K.
PMS Management Office
Tel: 03-4580-2700
Fax: 03-4580-2701