Why Tricor?


We focus on foreign companies only and understand their unique challenges in navigating the Japanese market.


Speed is important in business and you’ll get a response within 24 hours.


No other company in Japan combines all these services under one roof.


We are owned by a Hong Kong megabank.  That means we have all the security and compliance that comes with it.

When evaluating competitors, ask these questions:

Can you show us your implementation process?

Tricor sells a process not a person. Our implementation process is such that the business is sustainable, even if someone leaves on our end or yours.

Who am I going to work with on an ongoing basis?

Tricor provides two senior points of contact, one native English speaker and one native Japanese speaker. We understand that communication is the biggest challenge – different time zones means a lot of work being done by e-mail or phone. Many misunderstandings are avoided from day one by having a structured team and engagement point.

Do you do all your work in-house or do you outsource?

Tricor is the only company in Japan that has all services in-house (most companies outsource).

How do you avoid single points of failure?

Tricor doesn’t assign one person to handle all the work. Even accounting is divided by function (A/P, GL, A/R) rather than having a single person do everything. While it might be more efficient to have a single person handle everything, we prefer a multipoint review approach to ensure accuracy.

How do you manage our sensitive documents and company seals?

Tricor has 24-hour video surveillance. Access to key information is managed by biotech (fingerprint) and pin code, and separated by person and job rank. Hard-copy information is put through special shredding machines to ensure that confidentiality is ensured.

Can you let us talk to former clients?

Tricor thinks long term. While our client retention rate is in the high 90s, we understand that things change. Our clients sometimes change vendors due to an acquisition, grow big enough to bring work in-house or simply decide to leave Japan. We handle this process professionally and are happy to put you in touch with former clients.

How do you take care of your people?

Tricor realizes that our main asset is our people. Check out how we work and bond on our Working at Tricor page.

How do you support the community?

Tricor happily provides pro bono services to two NPOs, the Tomodachi Initiative (http://usjapantomodachi.org/) and Hands On Tokyo (http://www.handsontokyo.org/), to give back.

What kind of IT security do you have?

Tricor has on-site data hot backups with encrypted offsite backups for disaster recovery.