Henry Tan

Representative Director

Henry Tan is the Representative Director of Tricor Japan. Prior to this role, he was a founder of Ascendant Business Solutions K.K and served as CEO for four years until leading the acquisition by Tricor Group in May 2011. Throughout his tenure, Henry has assisted in bringing more than 450 multinational companies into Japan.  Prior to Ascendant, Henry worked in the US as a financial analyst at Paramount Studios before relocating to Japan in 2002. Henry is originally from Ventura, California, holds a business degree from California State University, Northridge and is a licensed US CPA.

Scott Smoler

Chief Operating Officer

Scott Smoler is an experienced executive with a demonstrated record of successfully transforming operations to optimize profitability, client satisfaction and employee morale. Native in English with professional proficiency in Japanese, he is able to operate cross-culturally in any environment. As the Chief Operating Officer at Tricor Japan, Scott is responsible for helping set the strategic direction of the company, meeting corporate P&L objectives and fully managing all business services departments. He is also tasked with making departments highly functional and scalable, with a focus on productivity improvement, business process and systems optimization, cross-training programs, talent development and effective resource planning.

Junko Yamada

Chief People Officer

Junko Yamada has over 20 years of experience in Talent Resource management including; Talent Management, Recruitment, Organization Culture & Learning, Diversity & Inclusion, Change Management Strategy, Organizational Development, M&A Due Diligence. Prior to joining Tricor she was the Head of Talent Management at Nomura Securities where she authored and executed a global research project focused on identifying the root causes of senior female attrition at Nomura’s Headquarters in Japan. Prior to that, she was the Head of Talent Management and Development at Starwood Hotels and Resorts Asia Pacific. There she developed initiatives to increase diversity through internships, scholarships, and other targeted programs to bring more people with more diverse backgrounds into the industry. Less than 6 months after joining Tricor her talents were immediately recognized after being appointed to Chief People Officer in 2016. Junko also holds a master’s degree of Linguistics from Osaka University.

Naoto Kira

Senior Advisor 

Naoto Kira worked at Teijin Ltd. for nine years before earning his MBA from Harvard Business School. He then occupied executive and managerial roles at McKinsey & Company’s Japan office as a partner, where he worked for 17 years. Subsequently, he served in several executive roles at foreign-affiliated companies. Since 2007 Naoto has contributed a wealth of corporate experience and expertise to his role as a Senior Advisor of Tricor K.K.

Hisaya Muramatsu

Managing Tax Partner

Hisaya Muramatsu worked as an instructor, preparing students for their CPTA examinations at a professional school in Japan. He began his career at KPMG in 1989, advising foreign corporations in local tax and tax return practices and assisting Japanese corporations in international tax processes for close to a decade. He took his expertise abroad to KPMG LLP in the US from 1997 to 2000. He currently serves as Managing Tax Partner of Tricor Tax Corporation.

Keiko Takayanagi

Tricor Labor and Social Security Office Partner

Keiko Takayanagi

has more than 30 years’ experience in the HR and professional payroll service fields. Her expertise includes payroll administration, grossed-up calculation on expatriate’s fringe benefits and HR-related regulatory compliance. She has a broad range of experience in payroll and social/labor insurance administration matters, and has assisted regional and international clients, large and small, in expanding their operations in Japan. She previously worked at AIU Insurance and, more recently, with KPMG Japan as Senior Manager of the HR Services Group.