Tricor Group, is a global provider of integrated business, corporate and investor services. Our offices are primarily located in Asia with satellite offices in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Barbados, Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands. Tricor provides outsourced expertise in corporate administration, compliance and business support functions, enabling clients to concentrate on what they do best – building their business.

Tricor KK, a subsidiary of Tricor Group, services only foreign multinationals entering or already established in the Japanese market. Clients include publicly listed and private companies both large and small, primarily from the United States and Europe.



“Connecting the world to Japan”

Message from the Representative Director, Henry Tan

I originally moved to Japan in 2002, not thinking I’d be here so many years later. My positive experience with the country and its people changed that. I was fortunate in being able to help start this company with fantastic colleagues and top-tier clients. Since that time, we’ve helped hundreds of companies work in this complex market with success, and I’ve enjoyed the journey to get to where we are today.

Tricor Japan is not about profit. We believe profit is a result rather than a goal and that the sole purpose of our company is to help foreign businesses enter and work compliantly in Japan. We believe that our work benefits Japanese society greatly by helping clients bring in their unique products and services, hire local talent, and pay taxes. We help foreign business navigate an inherently complex regulatory market so that they can focus on their primary reason for entering the market – to introduce their products and services with success.

The most important thing I’ve learned over the many years working with clients is that focus is necessary for success in this market. We took that experience to heart. In 2011, we made a conscious decision to focus solely on foreign businesses in Japan. People questioned my decision to work only with foreign clients. I recall someone saying to me, “That’s like operating Disneyland but only catering to adults.” However, that particular focus has given us an inherent advantage over our competitors in developing a business culture that is sufficiently Japanese but with a Western mindset. Believe it or not, adults visit Disneyland as well.

Since our acquisition by Tricor Group in 2011, our business has grown rapidly. By offering similar services throughout Asia – the center of growth in the world – we have been able to graduate from “start-up” to one of the leading providers in the Japanese market. After the acquisition, I was asked to stay on for a period of two years, but I happily extended my tenure as CEO. For me, Tricor Japan is more than just a company, it’s a family, and I look forward to welcoming you to our home.

Henry Tan, CPA
Representative Director
Tricor Japan Group




Henry Tan and partners found Ascendant Business Solutions KK.

The office is registered at the Oak Minami-Azabu Building in Minato-ku, Central Tokyo.


Henry Tan is named Representative Director of Ascendant Business Solutions KK.

The Ascendant Tax Office is formed to support clients on tax compliance matters in Japan, led by managing partner Hisaya Muramatsu, formerly of KPMG.


Ascendant opens its Hong Kong office to meet growing demand from clients across Asia.


Ascendant’s Information Security Management System certification (ISO/IEC 27001:2005) and Privacy Mark certification awarded (no. 17000526 [03]).


Ascendant joins Tricor, a member of the Bank of East Asia Group, as Tricor KK to offer services in Japan and across Asia.  Ascendant Tax Office becomes Tricor Tax Corporation.

Tricor’s Business Continuity Management System certification awarded (one of only 40 companies in Japan).


Tricor KK refocuses on only foreign multinational businesses in Japan. Integration with the Tricor Group finalizes.


Tricor expands service offerings with the grand opening of Tricor Serviced Office Space in the Oak Minami-Azabu Building.


Tricor KK establishes Tricor Labor and Social Security Office with the support of its founding partners, Keiko Takayanagi and Estuko Murai, to support the statutory social benefit administration of its clients.

Tricor KK expands back-office services to include initial IT setup and help desk support and additional serviced office space in the Oak Minami-Azabu Building.

Tricor KK updates its Information Security Management System certification (ISO/IEC 27001:2013).


Tricor KK establishes its own Gyoseishoshi office for in-house support with visas, immigration advisory and business license applications, and its own Shihoshoshi office for in-house support with entity establishment, corporate legal changes, director and address changes, and other corporate secretarial matters. With the establishment of both of these offices, Tricor becomes the only back-office service provider in Japan exclusively servicing the foreign multinational market to hold the necessary licenses to support clients with integrated tax compliance, social benefit administration, immigration and business license support, and corporate secretarial matters.

Tricor KK expands serviced office space to another floor in the Oak Minami-Azabu Building.


Tricor KK opens a shared service center in Penang, Malaysia, to meet growing demand for offshoring services.


Tricor Group is acquired by Permira, one of the largest global private equity firms based in London, United Kingdom.

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Tricor Japan takes its corporate social responsibility seriously.

Tricor Japan is a proud supporter of the Tomodachi Initiative, providing pro bono compliance and outsourcing services. The Tomodachi Initiative invests in next-generation Japanese and American leaders ( and works closely with both the US and Japanese government.

Tricor KK is also a proud support of Hands On Tokyo, providing pro bono compliance and outsourcing services. Hands On Tokyo is a bilingual volunteer portal connecting individuals and groups to meaningful volunteer service opportunities in the Tokyo and Tohoku regions (